Horse Ointment Miracle Skin Essence Hand Cream

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Horse ointment miracle skin essencemoisturizing hand cream brands anti-aging whitening hand lotion creams for hands bioaqua skin care.



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1. Texture
- Deep nourishment with avocado emulsion and shea butter extracts.
- An ultra-hydrating texture that thoroughly moisturizes the hands.
- A lightweight texture that absorbs quickly without leaving behind a sticky or oily residue.

2. Fragrance
- The natural scent that makes you feel like you¡¯re on Jeju Island.
- The long-lasting fragrance that¡¯s like wearing perfume.
    • Naturally mild, no irritation.
    • Keep the skin be watery all day, embellish healthy skin.
    • Moistening Embellishing Protecting skin.
    • Fading fine wrinkles Repairing.
    • Preventing dry skin and split.
    • The cold wind in Fall or Winter, Pollution, Dry air, etc.
    • Make your busy hands dry do not care skin.
    • The hands are rough, dry, decrustation.



        Item Specifics

        Item Type: Cream
        Use: Hand
        Feature: Whitening, Anti-Aging, Moisturizing, Pigmentation Corrector, Oil-control, Antibacterial, Nourishing, Anti-chapping
        Fragrance: natural essence
        Ingredient: horse oil secret natural extracts plant essence
        NET WT: 60g


        How To

        STEP 1 - Smear hand scream, absorb nourishment fully.

        STEP 2 - massage gently, relieve the fine wrinkles.

        STEP 3 - massage knuckle, stimulates circulation.

        STEP 4 - Pull each hand, relax hands.

        STEP 5 - Press opisthenar, relieve pressure.

        STEP 6 - Press meridian vessel, improve loose skin.


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