Wake Up Sleeping Hair & Repair Essential Oil

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  • Nourish hair.
  • Refreshing scent.
  • Soft and smooth hair.
  • Moist and glossy hair.
  • A charming fragrance of blooming.
  • Elegant aroma and elastic hair.


Item Specifics

Item Type: Conditioner
Ingredient: Perfume Hair Care Oil
Gender: Unisex
NET WT: 50ml
Weight:0.193 kg
Quantity: 1pc
Suitable for:Suitable for hair. Unruly hair. Dry and dull hair. Colored hair.

How To


  • Because the characteristics of each person's skin are different, so the adaptability of different skin care products is also unusual.
  • Before using any new skin care products, it is recommended that you apply to the skin behind the ear.
  • If you feel uncomfortable or abnormal skin reaction, please suspend the use and consult a doctor.