Shea Butter Foot Massage Exfoliating Cream

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Shea Butter Foot massage exfoliating cream 180g skin care soothing the skin moisturizing feet care cream foot peeling skin



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  • 100% brand new high quality! 
  • Foot cream extract plant scrubs particles to cleanse foot dirt and help exfoliate gently.
  • Contains the essence of shea butter, it helps improve the dry and rough foot skin.
  • Nourish the feet skin, add moisture to the skin, owning tender and delicate feet.
  • Gentle plant formula, supply the water and nutrients needed by the foot skin, nourish the skin, gentle cleansing of the skin, give you a comfortable, smooth, soft, delicate and elastic feet.
  • Remove dead skin, beriberi, improve dry, chapped and old cocoon foot problems, care for the feet you walk every day.
  • Give yourself, give your family a warm start from the feet. Notably, the elderly need more attention.
  • Massage feet, soften cutin and exfoliating, accelerate the blood circulation of feet.



      Item Specifics

      Item Type: Foot Cream
      Benefits: Anti-Aging, Nourishing, soothing the exfoliating skin moisture.
      Ingredient: Shea Butter
      Gender: Unisex
      Formulation: Cream
      Use: leg, body, foot
      Type: all kinds of skin
      NET WT: 180g


      How To

      1.Used on foot.
      After cleaning your feet, evenly onto skin, massage until absorbed.
      2.Used on the body.
      Cream can be directly applied to the dry parts of the body and massage until absorbed.


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